Birthday Box Cards

Some birthday cards using a Christmas poinsettia file from and choosing blue, yellow and black papers for an eye-catching color combo.  I LOVE this color combo and placing them on the black background as a base really makes the colors pop and look vibrant and modern.

A friend asked if i could make some cards for twin 16 yr olds at the last minute so i came up with these two using their birthday party color theme of pale pink and gold.  These were created using a basic pop up card template you can find on the web and cutting items from files i own and die cuts as well to create the coordinating looks for each girl.  They came out pretty. I hope they think they are the cutest cards they receive!

Castle Box Cards

Today’s endeavor: Castles!   Yes, these are box cards from  That means they fold flat to be placed in an envelope if you wish!😊  I embellished each card differently for uniqueness and even created a shield for the front of the boy castle. The plastic circles you see are Gemstones from the Paper Studio at all craft stores and they fill in blank spaces and add a little fun and interest to the cards.  The sweet bow is made from a die cut thru my Cuttlebug.  A blank space on back leaves room to write a sentiment.


Cake Box Card and Cascade Card


I had a couple birthdays this week and chose a cascade card (yellow and black) and a box card ( purple).  The cascade card is from  It has slots cut across the top edges of the card to run a ribbon thru adding a pretty element to the card.  I changed out the flowers from the original file to this multi layered daisy.   I have made several of the daisies in multiple colors so I can pull them from my stash (previously made elements or already owned supplies) to use when I want.  The cake box card is from  It was a little difficult to put together the cake layers. ( I need to go back and watch her video to see if she had a trick for that). I tend to blaze on ahead and do it my way. But the outcome was worth the effort and the recipient loved her card!  That’s all that matters to me anyway!  😊  The sign to “not act your age” was just something I put together on my own for the “60” birthday.    The mum on the left side of the sign is again something I have previously made several of to use in whatever project I choose.

Thank You Tropical Box Card

Im playing around today with my Cuttlebug and Cricut.   Starting some Thank You Pop Up cards for many people who have helped me tremendously over the past few months.  Now its time to get busy! You can find many Pop Up card templates on the web. You can purchase thru Cricut and i also have a couple of favorite sites that I buy my SVG files from. This is just a basic pop up card that I have adapted and I just put whatever frilly things I want on the basic structure.   My two favorite sites for 3-D SVG files are and   You can also find instructions to cut a basic pop up card without using a cutting machine,  by just using a cutting and scoring board.    I have a Recollections cutting and scoring board that I bought at Michael’s.