Taming the Templates

I make a lot of paper flowers so I have a lot of templates. Typically when I make a template, I make five or six templates in rising half inch increments per shape.

This enables me to make outer petals and inner petals consistently. It also enables me to make different sized flowers of the same type. I was trying to corral all of my pieces and parts in Ziploc bags. And I had so many Ziploc’s. So then I tried corraling them all in ONE Ziploc, including petals I had cut that I didn’t need for a flower, but had extra.

Each time I would go to look for one of my templates in the bag I would pull out some, but typically had to dig and dig to find all the sizes of the shape I was preparing to use. How do I keep these things together? I tried paper clips. But the paper clips would encourage other papers or chipboard in the bag to get stuck behind it in the wrong grouping and wasn’t a good fit.

I had a container of cute pastel binder clips to use for an upcoming project. Binder clips are tight. And come in various sizes.

So laying out all my templates, and grouping them per their shape, I lined them all up according to their size and binder clipped them together.

Now when I’m looking for a template inside my Ziploc, until I come up with another idea to store them and find them, they are all together in one grab.😊.

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