Cake Box Card and Cascade Card


I had a couple birthdays this week and chose a cascade card (yellow and black) and a box card ( purple).  The cascade card is from  It has slots cut across the top edges of the card to run a ribbon thru adding a pretty element to the card.  I changed out the flowers from the original file to this multi layered daisy.   I have made several of the daisies in multiple colors so I can pull them from my stash (previously made elements or already owned supplies) to use when I want.  The cake box card is from  It was a little difficult to put together the cake layers. ( I need to go back and watch her video to see if she had a trick for that). I tend to blaze on ahead and do it my way. But the outcome was worth the effort and the recipient loved her card!  That’s all that matters to me anyway!  😊  The sign to “not act your age” was just something I put together on my own for the “60” birthday.    The mum on the left side of the sign is again something I have previously made several of to use in whatever project I choose.

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