Victorian house

So this adorable little Victorian house is a file from The file is called Midnight Manor and is designed as a haunted house for Halloween.  I just love house structures and all the Victorian details this file has so I changed the paper colors and I have a standard house. It has cutouts on the backside to place tea lights in.  The front windows are covered with vellum ( I actually used tracing paper because I discovered I was out of vellum while cutting this file) making the tealights able to light up the structure.   The top center roof is not glued on but sits comfortably on the middle tower so you can remove the center roof to place a tea light inside.  It took several hours to make and I’m happy with the outcome.  I feel like I can make small decorations for any holiday, season or occasion to embellish the house to suit my preference.  The biggest challenge was deciding on colors to ensure I had enough sheets of each color for the number of mats needed to cut the complete file.  Planning is everything! 😊

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