I started my love of art in high school. I took a painting class every semester for all 4 years. I loved that I had dedicated time and direction to create art thru painting. And I came out of that experience with many pieces of work that I loved.

Fast forward into adulthood, marriage, raising children and the business of life, including no extra funds for supplies, and no extra time to use them, and the crafting, creating,  side of me dwindled.

I have prioritized my love of creating now.   And realize I can share these passions with those around me. It doesn’t have to be one choice or the other.  I want to inspire you to return to your love of creating.   I want you to experience the joy of making something  with your hands whether it is for your own enjoyment or to give as gifts to people you know and love.   I want you to experience the joy and awe you will undoubtedly bring to others with your creations as you gift them with excitement and expectation.  Or spark the interest to try something new in whatever manner that is, in whatever stage of life you are in. I hope you can find some inspiration here as well as sharing your creativity with me. Let your craftiness bloom!